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Breaking News: Dishwashers aren't for washing dishes?!

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Saving Headaches and $$$ (Part 2)

Hello again, everyone! The name's TJ and I'm back to help save you more $$$! This time we will be discussing the dishwasher and what they are truly used for. Most people don't understand what the use of a dishwasher is. Just before you say, it's for washing dirty dishes (DUH!), let me stop you right there! A dishwasher is NOT used to clean off your food or hard stuck substances. (GASPS!) A dishwasher is really to be more seen as a sanitize and steam cleaner when operated properly. I can feel the stare of disbelief as you read, but don't sweat the small stuff! Let's go over how to operate and maintain your machine before you try to yank it from the wall out of frustration!


Step 1: When first using the machine, be sure to remove any debris that may still be in it.

Step 2: Load dishes in washer properly and not packed in. The machine can't wash it fully if crowded like a pack of Sardines!

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Dishwasher Rack Placements:

Top rack: Cups, bottles, bowls, medium to small plates, and small pots.

Bottom rack: Large plates, medium to large pots, oversize cups, cooking tools and silverware (in the silverware tray)

Step 3: Load soap in dispenser and shut lid. (if applicable)

(Tip: I would suggest using pods to lessen the chance of over suds or overflows. I have YET to see anyone that likes wearing soggy socks.) (UGH!)

Step 4: When using options for any cycle, it is a good idea to use both sanitize and heat dry.

(Remember to use rinse aid, if needed. Rinse aid is not need for all, but only if your water has hard sodium. (You know, those white specks on the glassware that would drive a person with OCD up a wall.) If so, please have your house water tested!)

Step 5: After every wash, empty dishes and clean trap to insure that no debris inside the machine. Lastly, leave door slightly adjured to allow the machine to dry.

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Fun Tip!

Once a month run a clean cycle. To run a clean cycle, all you would need is a cleaning product for dishwashers. Use Normal-High heat-sanitize or Clean Washer Cycle.

Alright, that's all I have for you all today! Again, if you have any question about this or any other machines, leave me a message or comment down below. I want to thank you all for taking time out of your day to read this. I hope you found this information a little helpful! Take care and til next time! Over and Out!

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