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Avoid the Look of SHAME with these Tip$!

(Save Headaches and $$$ Part 3)

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Hello to you all! My name is TJ and today I'm here to deliver some helpful tips to help you save $$$ by maintaining and preventing huge, costly repairs. In this article, I will be discussing washers and dryers, since they are the appliances most used. Follow these simple, easy steps and you too won't have to be pulled through the ringer in your dreams!


First, the Washing Machine!

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  • Step 1: Always check your water inlet valves and hoses before and after weather has changed temperatures. So, basically, 3 times a year in April, August, and December.

  • Step 2: Light on the soap, unless you're interested in the stench of stale water with a hint of detergent. The soap now-a-days is a higher concentration. The rim of the cap (or Code Name: Grandma's Line) is no longer needed.

  • Step 3: DO NOT PACK IN CLOTHES. Moderate amount (Half) is good. Also, clear out all pockets before putting clothes inside. (You'll be surprised the Blessings and Curses it brings!)

  • Step 4: Clean the washing machine once a month with either Affresh or Washer Magic. For front loaders, make sure you clean traps at the bottom of machine. (Where dust bunnies, sticky detergent, and stale water was fighting over dominance.)

  • Step 5: Front Loaders, dry off the door and dispenser after each wash to prevent mold and corrosion. (Think of smelling a moldy, soggy 2 month old bread with a dash of rust on top of EVERYTHING!)

Now, the Dryers!

Photo by (MyBigInsurance)

  • Step 1: Clean lint from tray after every load. (Have you ever seen a dryer combust? Let's hope you have The Fire Department on speed dial!)

  • Step 2: Allow minimum time of 10-15 minutes in between each cycle to cool down before starting a new load. (Trust me, Patience is half of the battle.)

  • Step 3: Have the dryer cleared of all lint inside and outside once a year to prevent dryer fire. (Don't let the fireman look at you in disappointment. We ALL know the Look!)

And there you have it, folks! These easy to follow steps will save you time and money while not interrupting your laundry duties. Thank you for your time and I hope you found this helpful! Please let me know if your have any questions about what I went over or any other appliances by either leaving a message or comment below. Over and Out!

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